Affiliate program

This is how it works

Recommend clickmap and get a credit of 25% of EVERY plan period for every new customer.
You will get paid over PayPal. Media and banners can be found here.

You attract a new customer to clickmap. He navigates to over your partnerlink and buys a clickmap plan. 25% of the price for EVERY plan period (= 1 month) is yours - for LIFETIME!
Enterprise plan: each month you get ca. CHF 62.- per client
Business plan: each month you get ca. CHF 12.- per client
Small-Business plan: each month you get ca. CHF 5.- per client

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Our team is constantly improving Clickmap to provide better and new features to help you optimizing your website. That's why we rely on your feedback! We appreciate if you take a moment and tell us what you like and what you dont like about Clickmap.

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