Pricing of commercial plans

This page regulates the terms regarding the Clickmap commercial plans, as well as the pricing structure.

  1. By buying one of clickmaps commercial plans, the contract with the customer materialises.
  2. The contractual period lasts 1 month.
  3. The fee of the commercial plan has to be paid in advance with each begin of a new contractual period. clickmap offers all its plans as continuous services. Therefore the booking of the monthly fee takes place automatically at the begin of each contractual period.
  4. Grading of the plans (up or down) are possible at the beginning of each contractual period. The booking of the new fee therefore takes place when the current period is over and the new begins. Within one contractual period only one grading (up or down) can take place.
  5. When upgrading, clickmap activates all functions of the new plan immediately.
  6. When downgrading, clickmap deactivates the functions of the current plan with the end of the lasting contractual period.
  7. Cancellation of the plan is possible to the end of the lasting contractual period. The customer is obliged to deactivate the current payment to clickmap within his Paypal account. All functions as well as the booking of the plan fee is stopped by clickmap to the end of the lasting period. There is no cancellation period. The minimal contractual duration therefore lasts one period (1 month).


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