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Clickmap shows your website visitors behaviour.
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What do I get when I use Clickmap?



The Clickmap shows all of your visitors mouse clicks.



The Heatmap shows you what areas are frequently used. And which are not.



The Foldmap shows you how deep your visitors scroll.

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  • Do you want to maximize the profit of your AdWords campaigns?
  • Do you know about the success of your Social Media Marketing?
  • Do you want to tweak your Google Ranking and SEO?
Discover how Clickmap supports you with your Website Testing and Website Optimizing.

    Identify and understand visitor behaviour easily

    Identify pros and cons of your website

    Succeed with well-directed Website Optimization

    Funktioniert mit jedem Web Layout

    Analyse dynamic website content

    Run and send reports automatically by e-mail

Still not sure Clickmap brings you more success? See what our customers are saying:

Alain Aubert

„The heatmaps of Clickmap tell us at a glance about the highly frequented areas on our marketing portal. This helps us to understand how the visitors really use our website - and not only what is found well over Google!“

Marcel Wagner

„The Usability Reports of Clickmap help us to get ready for our website redesign. Underst?anding how our target audience interacts with the web is essential in order to successfully generate more leads!“

Yves Krebs

"With use of Clickmap I am able to divine the user’s thoughts. As a business customer it costs me less per month than talking to Mike Shiva on the phone for 10 minutes."

Remo Uherek

„We train our content editors directly with realtime findings from Clickmap. A picture can tell more than 1000 words and gives an easy and understandable feedback of what is important when it comes to usability experience and SEO.“

Amadeus Paulussen

"In our projects we focus on topics like quality assurance in terms of ergonomic aspects and investment protection. To adress these factors, also after a project completion, our customers still use Clickmap for their continious analysis and optimization."

Sebastian Westhues
Head of Web & Mobile Services

"We use Clickmap to determine the concrete evidence about improvement of usability, and to get an idea how the visitors experience the websites of our customers. Clickmap is the ideal complement to other analytic tools and qualitative usability tests we use."

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Our team is constantly improving Clickmap to provide better and new features to help you optimizing your website. That's why we rely on your feedback! We appreciate if you take a moment and tell us what you like and what you dont like about Clickmap.

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